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Moseley Ashfield


Moseley Ashfield is an historic cricket club in England cricket. Founded in 1900, it has a long history of providing opportunities to play cricket to all sections of Moseley’s diverse community. Moseley Ashfield uses Cricket Club domain, website and cloud hosting infrastructure for connecting with its members online. Since deploying Cricket Club Domain & Web system, Moseley Ashfield Cricket Club’s membership and sponsorship volume & revenues have gone up by over 10 times. The club has also experienced better engagement with their members & fans online. Hit the button below to check out their Cricket Club website.

We’re proud to announce the official launch of our new cricket club domain and website. Created by the dedicated and professional team at Rocket Domains, under the leadership of Fraz Wahlah, it showcases the spirit, ethos, history and ambition of Moseley Ashfield to a whole new level and to a much wider audience.
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