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Cowdrey Cricket Club is an ECB affiliated club based in Kent, England. The club transformed their online presence by replacing their legacy static website and domain name consisting of a complex string of words and alphabets with branded Cricket Club domain and web platform.

Cowdrey’s new website on the Cricket Club platform has everything from club information and updates to membership forms, payments, player profiles, team pages, performance stats and more.

The club’s domain, email and website are all powered by Rocket’s state of the art Planetary DNS, Planetary CDN and Planetary Cloud delivering inimitable speeds, security and uptime 24/7/365. Check out Cowdrey’s new website here.

Founded in 1900, Moseley Ashfield is an historic cricket club that has a long history of providing opportunities to play cricket to all sections of Moseley’s diverse community.


Since deploying the Cricket Club domain, website and cloud hosting infrastructure for its online presence Moseley Ashfield Cricket Club’s membership and sponsorship volume & revenues have gone up by over 10 times.


The club has also experienced better engagement with their members & fans online. Check out Moseley Ashfield Cricket Club’s website here.

Moseley Ashfield Cricket Club


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