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Accept Bookings & Payments on your Cricket Club Website

Welcome to the future of bookings, events and payments. With your Cricket Club Platform, you can allow people to book all kinds of events and make payments with ease.

Allow Managers to accept bookings

Coaches can sign up for an account, create a schedule for their training sessions and events, set pricing & timetables, and submit them for approval to the Club Manager. Once approval has been granted, the booking system will go online allowing anyone to book and pay for training sessions and events in seconds.

Money Goes Straight into your bank account

As soon as your customers make payment for the booking, the money will already be on its way to your bank account. What’s more, you get to keep all of your money as, unlike others, we don’t keep any cuts whatsoever. The relevant coach will get an alert on your Cricket Club website (under the bell icon) saying who made the booking. Upon clicking the alert, coaches will be able to accept or deny the booking request.

Display training & events and make them bookable

Once your coaches and manager have set up their bookable events, you will be able to display them nicely on your website allowing everyone to book their desired events with ease. You may also set up two tiers of pricing for the same event i.e., member pricing and non-member pricing with a premium.

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make it personal

All booked trainings and events will show up in the personal dashboard of Coaches, Managers, and Users giving them a completed overview of the event, the people involves, and the dates/times/locations.

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