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🏏If your club name is Ashfield Cricket Club, you can have ashfield.cricket.club as your domain & website name, and you@ashfield.cricket.club as your email address.

Here's how 

Cricket Club



You can simply put two dots in your cricket club's name and turn it into your website address making it easy easier for members, fans, sponsor and media to find you online. No other domain name on the planet can match Cricket Club’s uniqueness


We understand clubs have to operate on limited budgets. This is why Cricket Club Domain is free for the 1st year and just £12.99/year - $17.99/year thereafter. 


What's more we'll design a free website for your club, with free web & email hosting for 3 months on Rocket Domains' state of the art Google Cloud infrastructure. If you've already got a website, we'll migrate it for you for free.

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Free Cricket Club Domain on for a whole year


Free Club website design and optmization. If you have an existing website we'll migrate it for free if you so wished


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What's more, we'll also integrate premium Marketing & SEO Tools with your club website for you to expand your outreach


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Cricket Club gives you all you need to run your club and thrive in your game

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Your club will be up and running on the internet in no time thanks to your free cricket club domain, free website design, business emails, and cloud hosting free for 3 months all on us

Accept Payments

Your new club website will also allow you to automatically process and accept subscription and sponsorship payments

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Cricket Club domain

If your club name is ‘Ashfield Cricket Club’, you can get “ashfield.cricket.club” as your domain name, and your.name@ashfield.cricket.club as your club email address.

We will build you a new website when you register your Cricket.Club domain, and sign up for our web hosting plan.

Absolutely. We’ll make the necessary DNS changes within minutes of receiving your request.

Cricket Club is a super-premium domain name that we procured after extensive research on how fans and members look for cricket clubs online.

We figured that a large number of cricket club searches online were made by club fans and prospective members in their respective geographical areas using keywords like “localarea.cricket.club” or “clubname.cricket.club”.

As no such cricket club domain name system had existed, people were not able to connect with their desired cricket clubs.

What's more, these search numbers exceeded thousands per week, so this seemed to be a huge lost opportunity for the concerned club as they lost out on potential members, fans, and sponsors.

This propelled us to design and launch the world’s first Cricket Club Domain and Web system.

By using the cricket club domain, Cricket clubs are able to promote both themselves and the game of cricket online with ease whilst increasing their sponsorship, fanbase, and membership.

The second reason for launching the cricket club domain is that existing domain names are either too expensive to register or are already registered by non-club entities. The other domain name systems are also not made for cricket clubs.

As a result, clubs have to register lengthier and irrelevant domain names which make it harder for them to be found/promoted online. Cricket Club domain solves that problem too.

The third reason is that cricket clubs being nonprofit entities are normally not able to afford domain names, website design, optimization, maintenance, and hosting infrastructure all of which are costly.

In the age of the Internet, every club needs a reliable web presence to thrive. However, Cricket Clubs are lagging behind.

Our aim is to solve this problem by offering every cricket club, no matter how big or small, their own domain name, website, and hosting infrastructure without breaking the bank.

Cricket Club domain is the only domain name in world that makes it possible for your club to use their existing name as an internet domain name and website address simply by placing two dots in their club name, i,e., Your.Cricket.Club

Cricket clubs will, therefore, benefit hugely if they secure their club names with us. The Cricket Club Domain and Web system will also help clubs promote themselves and reach more members, sponsors, and fans whilst taking club cricket into the 21st century.

We're offering the Cricket Club Domain for free for the first year. Please send us a message and we’ll do everything we can to support your club.

Of course, you can. Simply buy the domain and provide the A Record from your hosting company or a web URL/address where you’d like your Cricket Club domain pointed to.

Please send us a message using the form below, with proof of club ownership and control. We'll then carry out verification checks and do the needful.

We host our websites on super fast and secure cloud infrastructure powered by our parent company Rocket Domains and their cloud Partners such as Google.

You can reach us at: my(at)cricket.club

Our parent company Rocket Domains and SpaceSuite offer hundreds of trade specific domain names, websites and marketing tools, as well as state of the art cloud hosting infrastructure and productivity tools such as Google Workspace and Microsoft 365.

Any more questions?

Please use the form at the bottom to get in touch with us


People are Saying 


Moseley Misfits Cricket Club Captain Photo

Ian Timms


“very impressive. We have reserved our club domain with .cricket.club and are looking forward to reaching more members and fans online.” 

Rob Green


“Today the Club are proud to announce the official launch of our new website https://MoseleyAshfield.Cricket.Club Created by the dedicated and professional team at Rocket Domains, under the leadership of Fraz Wahlah, it showcases the spirit, ethos, history and ambition of Moseley Ashfield to a whole new level and to a much wider audience. With links to our social media pages, there will also be regular news updates for all to see and share. Do visit it and see for yourselves, then please share far and wide.” 

Fraz Wahlah


“For our love for cricket, we launched .cricket.club to give every club on the planet an affordable domain and website”

Moseley Misfits Cricket Club Captain Photo

Liza Johnson


“My cricket club clients have already reserved their domains and are now planning to migrate their websites to .cricket.club.” 

Moseley Misfits Cricket Club Captain Photo

Mark Edwards

Club Agency

“Happy to market cricket.club domain in the Caribbean for its unique character, brand value and affordability element.” 

Moseley Misfits Cricket Club Captain Photo

Dan Fox


“Finally a domain name for cricket clubs.”

Tom Johnson


“cricket.club is an exciting chapter in club cricket promotion online. I will be recommending it to the clubs where I coach youngsters.”

Jess Wong

“We're excited to use cricket.club platform for our youth cricket promotion initiative. ” 

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